A Simple Trick to Improve Your Working Life


It doesn’t matter how often you work out, how much coffee you drink, or how many productivity apps you use.

The mastery of doing better work is, according to author Brendon Burchard, all about ‘the transition’.

It couldn’t be simpler:

Release tension. Set intention.

Here’s an example:

Imagine you’re writing emails, and it takes one part of your psyche and brain to get through your inbox, and now you’re off to create a blog post which needs to be creative and visual.

Most people do their email, then they’ll work on the blog post, then a notification will come up, then they’ll go back to their email and — god damn, you get the idea.

Some call it ‘multitasking’. But in reality, you’re killing your measurable creativity and long-term performance.

Instead, when you finish writing emails, STOP.

Step away from the screen.

Go get a glass of water.

Close your eyes.

And repeat the word “RELEASE”, with the goal of releasing tension in your body.

Repeat the word “RELEASE” to yourself, over and over again like a mantra.

You don’t have to scream it across the office, or even say it out loud if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. But visualise it. Give yourself a moment to feel it.

Just try it, however works for you, until your body and mind feel like they’ve released a little bit of tension.

Then, before you open your eyes, set an intention.


“Bianca, you are going to work on this blog post now. Your intention is to write something that’s short and useful for your readers. Make it emotive. Make it visual. Make it have clear takeaways.”


Now open your eyes, and go and work on that next task.

You’re clean and free from the previous activity.

Watch the energy come back to you in a big way.

Et voila.

Try this technique in-between tasks for increased energy. Try it between meetings for better focus .Try it between work and home time for a better work-life balance. Just try it.

Your energy is your most valuable currency. Spend it wisely.
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