Just Graduated? Here's How to Get Ahead in 2018


It's official. Millennials will soon make up majority of the workforce, bringing with them important skills leading to a big change to the business world and the way things are done. Exciting times, right? So, if you're a millennial or recent graduate who is working on accelerating your career in 2018, here are a few tips on getting started.


If your career journey is just beginning, don’t worry -- we’ve all been there. It can be an anxious time, and you may feel like everyone else in your peer group is already leaping ahead, while you’re a little stuck. Keep in mind that your career might not start off the way you imagined it would, but that’s totally ok.

What’s important is that you take what you learn from each experience and make the most of it. Every experience should bring with it a lesson that you can apply in your next position.

Each job will add to not only to your resume, but also to your soft skills. Your soft skills include traits like your ability to be a team player, a leader, or proof that you are as hardworking as you claim in your cover letter. And the best part? More and more employers are hiring based on soft skills rather than skills based from years of experience. Play up to them! 

And then there's the question of where to start your career. London may have the most opportunities for careers, but it's not the only UK city with exciting jobs and companies. (Plus, it's insanely expensive!). Many cities across the UK have amazing things to offer, with Edinburgh being at the top of many lists and places to live and work.

More and more millennials are choosing to broaden their job search away from the capital and instead use job sites like Jobrapido to search for jobs in Scotland and beyond. Do keep in mind that the UK offers many different opportunities in all possible career paths! Different cities may come top of the list of places to work depending on which field you are looking for. Our advice? Keep an open mind when it comes to location. With the right research, your dream job may not be where you expect and, actually, what could be more exciting! 

Furthermore, there are many important assets that you -- as a millennial -- can bring to the interview table. A great trait you should most definitely take advantage of is the easy understanding you have of technology.

Many employers look to the younger generations to keep their businesses up to speed with technological advancements, and you might just be the person they’re looking for.

Above all, be eager to learn, engage with your co-workers and don't be afraid to ask questions. The insights you gain in the beginning of your career are vital to your growth in the workplace and beyond. 

Hard work will always be one of the most important aspects of success in business, and some things never change. But creativity, fresh ways of thinking and being technologically-minded are incredible assets that will help you achieve your own kind of success. Finding your place in the job world is a process that takes time, so enjoy it and make the most out of every opportunity.

The fun part really is the process.

Guest PostsBianca Bass