How to Get Your Writing Read, Shared and Appreciated

Picture the scene: It’s 11pm on an idle Tuesday and I decide to post a spontaneous piece on Medium, an online publishing platform developed by Twitter co-founder Evan Williams.

“I’ll probably delete it in the morning,” I say to myself.

Just 24 hours later and my first ever post is trending in Medium’s global top five. I had no followers on the platform and virtually no promotion. So, how did I do it?

Let’s rewind. For months, I’d been browsing Medium, picking up a plethora of life hacks I now use every day.

But I’d never contributed. I mean, I wanted to, but in such a crowded space it felt a little pointless. These days, everyone’s a part-time content-creator-slash-something, right? Besides, after a failed fashion blog or two, I hadn’t posted on the internet in what felt like a lifetime. I’d resigned myself to a life of lurking.

My mistake.

The truth is, you don’t need millions of followers or even experience to create content that resonates. You just need the right approach.


Here are some helpful tips and tricks to get your words read, shared and even sparking a debate.

Identify where your AUDIENCE IS

If you develop a piece with purpose, there’s a better chance of it bringing in the right people. Take my post, for example. I identified that Medium has an ever-expanding writing community. Pair that with its strong grounding within the tech community, and writing + apps = a winning formula. There couldn’t have been a better place to publish it.

Always get in the mindset of your target audience: think about the social channels and tags they're most likely to browse (and tag your Medium posts accordingly). 


Ask yourself the right questions

Before you write anything for your target audience, ask yourself:

  • Who am I writing for?

  • What will they get out of my post?
  • What’s the main point of my story? Is there more than one?
The number one rule when it comes to creating content that people share is simple: ADD VALUE.


Don’t wait for people to find you, find the right publications.

We've all worked hard on a piece of content and hit publish only to have a tumbleweed moment. *Cue wah wah wahhhhh noise*. But if you wait for people to find you or your writing, you'll be waiting forever. Get submitting to publications instead.

Case in point: Medium has plenty of publications, and the majority of them accept submissions! (A few of my favourites include Personal Growth, The Coffeelicious and Marketing and Entrepreneurship).

You’ve put time and effort into writing your post. It deserves to get read! So, use the relevant tools to your advantage. If it’s engaging and genuinely helpful, it'll get exposure faster than you think.


Research, be smart and create something worth reading

There's so much competition online. If you don’t create something with insights that people can actually use, you’ll get lost in the mix.

Ask yourself: What makes my points or voice valid? What reaction would a leader in my field have while reading my post?

In answering those questions, you’re 80% of the way there.


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