The One Productivity Tip Everyone Should Hear

There's a LOT of productivity talk out there. 

But do you want to know the best productivity tip I ever heard?

Well, it's based on a little something called cognitive fuel.

To get your best work done WITHOUT burning out, you need to view your energy as a finite reserve. 

Because you can do everything, but not at once.

That means if you have a goal or task you want to complete, say, tomorrow, you need to wake up and get it done FIRST. Because that’s when you have a full tank of cognitive fuel.

And every single time you make a decision, or complete a little task, you start to drain your cognitive fuel.

Think of your own energy like your iPhone battery. 

Checking your email first thing?, There goes 5% of your energy. Deciding where to go for dinner tonight? 5%. Chatting to your friend on WhatsApp? 5%. Deciding what to wear that particular day? FIVE PERCENT. Browsing Pinterest for inspiration to get started? 5%! You get the idea.

Leave the energy-burning decisions to when you feel your most depleted (aka the end of the day). And spend your cognitive fuel on something important and amazing.

You start each day with 100%. Use yours wisely, y'all.