Why You Need to Do an Energy Inventory. Like, Right Now.



Think about your mind on any given day...


I’ll take one for the team and go first: on any given day, on any given hour, I can be found thinking of far-flung destinations, an amazing article I just read, my friend's upcoming birthday, this weekend's plans, my growing to-do list, the work drama du jour, all the messages I need to respond to on WhatsApp, tomorrow morning's meeting...


The list goes on. And on. And on


Mentally, I'm pretty content, but I'm also spreading myself way too thin.


Of course, a busy mind is a byproduct of living in 2018. But have you ever thought what your mind could do if it was, well, audited?


I discovered the idea of an energy inventory from Shaman Durek (who is awesome and you should definitely check out).


When asked about the nightly rituals he uses to better himself, he said:


"Do an energy inventory.

Before you sleep, ask yourself: “Where has my energy gone to the most today? What did I put my energy towards the most today? Did I put it into nurturing people more? Did I put it into getting agitated about something? Where did my energy go? And why?


Then make a little note in your journal or phone, and look at where your energy was spent the most. Was it on a computer? Was it on your Instagram? Was it spent here? Was it there?


Do this 30-second ritual every day so that, at the end of the week, you can review where your energy has been spent.


And if you want to go one step further? 


Look at the people you surrounded yourself with that day and note how you felt when you met them. Ask yourself: did I give a lot of love to that person when I met them? Did I feel restrained? Did I hold back? Was there something I wanted to say but I didn’t?


I look at these things as an opportunity for growth.” 




It's such a simple 30-second check-in and yet a powerful one. 


Once you start to pay attention, it's amazing how much energy you can claim back for things that actually matter and drive you forward.


Your energy is your currency. Spend it wisely. 

Bianca Bass