Introducing Mainstream: A Networking Group For *Every* Millennial Woman



A while back, I had an idea... 


I wanted to start a networking group that felt more impactful than transactional. I wanted to create a community that was truly inclusive. I wanted to host events, workshops and meet-ups where *you* and your goals were the focus, not the panellist’s. A safe space, a judgement-free zone, a platform for making exciting things happen. 


I had the idea, then I parked it.


My grandma passed away, my long-term relationship ended and my life changed in an inconceivable way. 


After my grandma’s funeral, my cousin and I sat overlooking the slums of São Paulo, where she had lived, and played a game of “what if?”. What if our grandma had had access to education? To a network? To skills? To support? What if, what if, what if? What could she been? What could she have done? What if she had had the opportunity?


It was then that it dawned on me:


I’m done with “what ifs”. I’m done with simply watching as female success continues to be the exception, not the rule.


And my mission for 2018? To equip as many women as I can — of all backgrounds, educations or otherwise — with the skills to live the lives they deserve.


My career has been built with the bricks that strong, brave women have given me. But most people never gain access to mentors, or support, or even a safe space to share their goals. I want to create that space for you. I want to share everything I’ve learned and then some. This success thing? It takes a village. Let’s build the village together. 


Today, I’m honoured to introduce you to that village: @mainstreamwoman.


Created by millennial women, for millennial women, Mainstream meet-ups are a place where seasoned women swap stories and lessons through teaching, coaching and relational mentoring. Our aim is simple: we want to give working women the tools they need to set a new standard. 


And the best part? I haven’t created this alone. No. Not even close. There’s Regina, a complete boss who works for the Cabinet Office, started Mainstream as a side hustle and invited me to join her on this journey. There’s Gaby, who recently started a job with the government, and is THE person you want on your team when organising an event. There’s Catherine, a brand and content extraordinaire, with wit, good ideas and inspiration in abundance. And then there’s you. Join us. It’s early days! Our website is on its way! We’re saving a seat for you at the table. 


In 2018, we still stand in awe of women who do the ‘unexpected’ and Mainstream seeks to change that. We want to make success, in all its forms, mainstream.


In short, we’re rewriting the rules and you’re invited. 

Bianca Bass