A Simple Trick to Help You Spend Your Time Better




I’m reading Tim Ferriss’ Tribe of Mentors and it’s a brilliant, brilliant book. Here’s just one of my favorite pieces of advice from it, via Kyle Maynard.


“My biggest (time management) shift came from listening to a successful CEO talk about his philosophy for hiring people.


When his company grew and he ran out of time to interview people himself, he had his employees rate new candidate on a 1–10 scale.


The only stipulation was that they couldn’t choose 7.


It immediately dawned on me how many invitations I was receiving that I would rate as a 7 — speeches, weddings, coffees, even dates.


If I thought something was a 7, there was a good chance I felt obligated to do it.


But if I have to decide between a 6 or an 8, it’s a lot easier to quickly determine whether or not I should even consider it.”


Try it. See how avoiding life’s 7s can change your world.


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