Why You Should Start Investing in Your Social Media

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Motivation from the inimitable Gary Vee. On social media, personal brand + the opportunity of a lifetime.


“You need to realise how great it is to be alive and a professional right now.


It was worse for your grandparents and it’ll be worse for your grandchildren. This is the land grab of the internet. This is the land grab to establish yourself as the influencer, the authority, yourself

Social media hasn’t even started. A lot of us think we’re in it, that a lot of good stuff has happened for others, that if you don’t have an audience now you never will. But it’s just the beginning. We haven’t even come close to the potential of this.

Here’s an analogy: If I was part of the crew who bought seafront property in Malibu, the second row is still for sale. And the third. And the forth. The opportunity hasn’t even begun. 


If you’re making money right now, please reinvest it in the one thing that doesn’t get shattered during a bad economy: your reputation.


I love when people get mad about the phrase ‘personal brand’ because they think it’s douchey. It’s just a semantic of a word. Your personal brand is your reputation. It always mattered. It’s how successful people have always made money. Except they didn’t have technology to put it on steroids, it was just word of mouth.


If you’re not fully committed to spending money and time on building your personal brand, which means upping your content on these social channels, you are making a huge mistake. You are making a fundamental miss that you will regret tremendously when you look back at this day in four years.


This is the greatest *EVER* era to be an entrepreneur. I’m excited about how much opportunity there is for everyone reading this. Go get it.”

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