14 Pieces of Advice For Anyone Starting a Side Project



1. A side project should speak to your soul, elevate your career, or be an investment in your personal growth. If yours can tick two of those three boxes? Even better.


2. Start slow. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you start a side project? One tiny task at a time. Plant those seeds and watch them grow.


3. We all have 1,440 minutes in a single day. It’s what we do with that time that makes us different. What would happen if you took just 1% of that time, a tiny 15 minutes a day, and consciously tried to change your life for the better?


4. If you view your side project as a calling, it will be a labour of love rather than laborious. 


5. Pay attention to what you pay attention to, respond to every call that excites your spirit and reward, in all its forms, will follow.


6. Real talk: if your side project is causing you more guilt than fulfilment, let it go. Side projects should fill you with more passion than pressure.


7. Be bold with your boundaries. Be strong in your conviction when things get too much. Be brave in knowing ‘no’ is a complete sentence. Embrace the silence. Dance in it. Indulge in it. Learn to accept that, sometimes, you absolutely need it.

8. Ask for help on the regular. There’s no place for ego when it comes to new projects. Identify your project’s ‘board of directors’ and consult them often.


9. The greatest thing you can do for your side project is to get an accountability partner. This can be your friend, your mum, your co-worker… whoever. Just someone who can check in and ask what’s up.


10. Understand your motivations, by asking yourself the following three questions: Am I enjoying what I’m doing? What’s the driving force behind what I’m doing? Am I doing what I’m doing for myself, because of myself.


11. You are more than your mistakes and you are more than your achievements. A sentiment to remember whenever things go horribly or wonderfully.


12. Don’t resent your day job. Instead, view your 9–6 as the reason you’re able to do MORE of what you love and watch how your world changes.


13. The process, the struggle, the day-to-day… that’s the fun part. Don’t be so set on the end goal that you lose sight of that.


14. It’s not about being fed. It’s about staying hungry.


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