17 Pieces of Advice I Wish I’d Known At The Beginning of My Career



1. Your femininity is a superpower, not a weakness. Don’t shy away from it. 

2. You can be smart. You can be strategic. But if you bring empathy? You’ll reach this whole other level. Try it. See how it changes your working world.

3. Give more energy to your goals than your fears.

4. If you’re not receiving rejections on the regular, you’re playing it too safe.

5. In any difficult career moment, ask yourself five questions, inspired by Sun Tzu’s guiding principles: am I being brave enough? Am I being caring enough? Am I being disciplined? Am I being smart? Am I being trustworthy?

6. Master the art of listening. Master the art of speaking up when it matters. Master the balance of both.

7. Celebrate your personal victories and celebrate them often. Only you can understand what it took to accomplish them.

8. Don't be afraid to want a lot. 

9. Ask and ask often. Everything you have in your career will — by and large — happen because you asked for it. Just be *specific* when you ask. Everyone is time-poor and decision fatigued: don’t say ‘let’s get coffee soon’, give them a date and a place and watch how much likely it is to actually happen.

10. Be stubborn about your goals, but flexible about your methods.

11. Work friendships can often become real friendships and will see you through some tough moments. Nurture them.

12. You’re going to hear a lot of advice — about how long you should or shouldn’t stay in a job, about salaries, about sectors — but the only rule is that there are no rules. Let your decisions be guided by how much you can LEARN in a job and you can’t go wrong.

13. All people want, really, is attention. Give them your undivided attention and watch how your professional relationships grow.

14. Your attitude determines your trajectory.

15. Build your online presence and build it well. People will always Google you and it’s your job to make it worth their while.

16. The smartest thing you can invest in is your reputation.

17. Behind you is infinite knowledge, before you is infinite possibility, around you is boundless opportunity. 



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