13 Management Tips That Actually Matter in 2018

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1. Less conventional ‘managing’, more coaching.

2. There's no 'one-size-fits-all' when it comes to management. Some people need more assistance, while others need more autonomy. Know the difference.

3. Your interactions with your team often set the tone for their entire day. Don’t underestimate that. Be that positive person at work.

4. Praise, celebrate and shout about your team’s achievements more.

5. Say ‘thank you’ more. It sounds simple, but research shows that people who were explicitly thanked for their work by their manager were found to be 50% more productive afterwards. And no, that doesn’t mean simply saying ‘thanks’ at the end of an email. Go out of your way to thank someone today.

6. Want to have better 1:1s? Ask better questions. Replace “how it’s going?” with “how are you? How’s life outside of work?”. Swap “what have you got on this week?” with "what are you currently focusing on? Do you have everything you need to do your best work?" 

7. Ask your team for feedback and actually listen. Questions I ask on the regular: “Is there anything you feel I could be doing better?” “How can I improve my communication with you?”+ “Was there anything that happened this week that you didn’t get to process or talk through, but wish to do so now?”

8. Make a point of listening more than you talk. That means phone off the table, laptops closed, eye contact and creating a safe environment for them to share whatever’s on their mind.

9. Show! You’re! Human! Admitting when you’re wrong is everything. Don’t expect anyone to respect you as a leader unless you show them you’re real. 

10. ‘Millennials’ move jobs more. The secret is to view this as an opportunity, not a curse. Encourage ambition! Leverage good vibes! Let them see their time with you as a high-impact project, not a hindrance, and you can’t go wrong.

11. Adam Grant put it best: “Bad bosses keep their people stuck in the same job. Good bosses create opportunities for their people to grow and advance. Great bosses encourage their people to pursue growth and advancement even if it means leaving for another organisation.” After all, who wants stagnant employees on their team?

12. Don’t be afraid of side hustles. When hiring, I’m now skeptical if a candidate doesn’t have a side hustle. Fact.

13. Invest in your employee’s career, not just their current job. Listen to their goals, help them get there and watch how their motivation soars. Make their progress your progress.

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