A Letter to You, From the World

For anyone who has ever felt intimidated or insecure (at work, or otherwise).

No matter how wealthy, well-dressed, well-liked or well-accomplished, we are all vulnerable.

In fact, we're all making it up as we go along.

We all crave the approval of others, even if you think we don’t.

We all secretly want to be happy, without really knowing how.

We feel time slipping through our fingers, too.

And that’s not all. We all worry whether that presentation, blog post or project really went ok.

We all have our vices — some more malignant than others — but vices all the same.

From time to time, we all worry that what we said sounded weird, that our outfit isn’t quite right, that we made the wrong call.

Those thoughts you wish you didn't have? Well, we have those too.

Why does my skin look like that? Why did I say that? Why aren't they replying? Am I not enough?

Because when all is said and done, we all want to be loved and accepted.

We even look in the mirror, just like you do, and see flaws that only we can see.

And that thing you’re ashamed of? Yep, we have that too.

We all get jealous, but try our best to pretend we don’t.

We all have a secret — we like that person, we want that life, we crave that thing. We live with it, because we have to, but it’s a secret all the same.

Just like you, we’ve all felt embarrassed. Ashamed. Isolated. Lost.

We all want to meet someone we can sing with on a Sunday afternoon, build flatpack furniture with on a Tuesday and share simple but significant moments with. We all hurt when it ends.

We’ve all lost something — a goal, a dream, an ambition. We’ve all lost someone — to death, to circumstance, to life. It still hurts if we think about it for too long. At times, we've even lost the essence of who we are entirely.

But you're not alone. None of us are alone.

Because we’ve all been there. We get it.

Honestly? We all wonder if we’re doing ok.

And every now and then, we stop and catch the evening sky, or how our lover's eyes change colour in the light and, just for a second, it all somehow seems worth it.


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