Be Your Own Publicist

On self-promotion in an overly polite world. 

A few months ago, I asked someone to interview me.

I know, I know. That isn't how it usually works. You don't ask someone to interview you. You wait and hope they'll come to you.

But I'd done the waiting thing. I'd done the writing and the work and the waiting, and you know where it got me?


Screw destiny. It's all about taking action and asking.

Asking for help or attention, understandably, goes against our nature. It's doesn't feel comfortable to put yourself out there. It doesn't feel natural to promote your own work excessively.

And yet, you must.

You see, whether you're first starting out or are a seasoned pro, you have to be your own publicist. Because if you don't, who will?

You can be the best artist in the world, but if you never tell anyone, you'll only ever exist in your own world.

Being your own publicist is simple. You need to be your greatest fan, your biggest promoter, your number one advocate. Blow your own trumpet, hard and loud. 

Promote your work and yourself as many times as you feel you need to. If people unfollow you, they're not your audience. Let them go. Your people are out there. I know that because I'm one of them.

If you're a blogger, ask people to interview you on their podcast or website. If you're a painter, contact your local independent cafe and ask if they can display your artwork. If you're a fiction writer, get featured in an upcoming publication or two to widen your audience. Create, retweet, repeat.

Don't expect the world to do you any favours. A closed mouth doesn't get fed.

You can either wait for someone to notice you or something to happen, or you can make it happen.

Choose the latter. Your work deserves it. You deserve it.


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