I Started a 'Get Sh*t Done' Club... And It Worked

  A few months ago, a friend and I were sat over pizza and wine discussing all of the things we'd like to achieve. You know, outside of work. The more fulfilling, personal stuff. Projects. Novels. Poetry. We want it all and we want it now.
Sure, we're both relatively accomplished and our careers are going pretty well. But we were struggling to get anything done outside of our 9-6 routine.
Confession: My evening rut consisted of Netflix (old episodes of Gossip Girl, if you must ask), hour-long phone calls and a penchant for internet stalking.
It was during one of these Internet binges that I stumbled upon the 'Get Sh*t Done Club' idea on Apartment Therapy. Concise and compelling, I felt inspired. So, I decided to approach my friend with a proposition.

"Let's dedicate one night a week to being productive. Think a cafe, laptops and two hours of work on our personal projects. No excuses."

Thankfully, she bought it and an unconventional but effective routine was born.
Our version of the club means sharing progress, pictures and being a part of someone else's project. We've quickly learned that feedback and a fresh pair of eyes is so important. On my off days, it pays to have someone else invested in my productivity.
Granted, sometimes things come up. Once a week may be too much of a stretch and for us it occasionally is. Intermittently, however, you can commit to checking in with each other and asking for 'progress reports'. And if you can't meet up? Enter the text message. The basis of the club isn't so much about location as it is consistency. A problem shared is a problem halved. A project shared = PRESSURE. (In the best possible way).
We all need down time. But honestly? I was embarrassed about the amount of time spent watching Blair Waldorf's fictional life, rather than bettering the reality of my own.
So, if you're struggling to get stuff done, pair up with a friend. Nobody can do everything alone and sometimes you need to surrender and ask for help. Who knows... you may even get inspired along the way. If we wish to grow as well-rounded, interesting people, we need fulfilment, personal projects and non-profit pursuits away from the office.
My goal was to create this blog and, well, here we are.

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