Step Away from the Screen for a While. I Dare You.

Step away from the screen for a while. Your next best idea depends on it.

I recently took a break. Not a 25-minute break. A proper break. I stopped posting on my blog. I stepped away from my screens. I was horrifically slow at replying at emails (sorry). I even stopped replying to WhatsApp messages from friends (double sorry).

I removed myself from my own life and my own mind for a while.

The first few days were nothing much at all. At first, I felt low. Getting off the treadmill can be disorientating. Then, I felt lost and slightly melancholy. I reached for my phone almost obsessively and felt odd when I realised it was nowhere to be found. 

And you know what? My followers went down a little. My page views suffered a little. Not being able to post a tweet or update my Instagram felt plain wrong. 

But then.

Oh, but THEN.

I started having blog post ideas in the shower again.

My fingernails started growing again (between you and I, I didn’t even realise I bit them…).

I read with no intention other than reading, for hours on end.

I tried mindful eating and my whole digestive system started working like a dream.

I stopped wearing makeup altogether and got to know my face without it for the first time in years.

I swam in the sea and, as the waves crashed on my skin and the sea salt rinsed my hair, I had an idea for a book. A book. I’m excited. 

Go out and leave your phone at home. Step away from the screen for a while. A proper while. I dare you. 

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