5 Resume Tricks to Help You Impress Any Employer

Do you rarely hear back from recruiters even though you're a great match for the job? Maybe your resume isn’t doing your skills justice. In this post, guest blogger and resume pro Laura Slingo reveals five tricks that will help you impress any employer.  

1. Always include a standout career summary

If you really want to impress an employer with your resume, you should replace your career objective with a career summary.

Career objectives might give a potential employer a good idea of where you’d like to head in your career, but that’s not going to land you the job. Instead, you need to develop a career summary and craft your elevator pitch.

In your career summary, include a quick round-up of what you’re great at, what you’re passionate about, and why you’re qualified. That way you’ll show your prospective employer exactly what you can bring to the table, and why hiring you will bring the company success.


2. Customize your resume to every job

If you’re including a generic resume with your job application, you’re not going to impress anyone. Even if you have all the skills required for the job, unless you customize your resume to highlight your relevant abilities, you aren’t going to stand out.

Therefore, with every application, skim the job description and ensure your resume mirrors words and phrases from the “skills required” section. This makes it obvious to the employer that you're a match for the role.

Don’t forget about your soft skills, such as communication, time management, and teamwork, either. Mentioning these skills will work in your favor as they can be transferred to every job and so chances are your prospective employer will value them, too. Again, be sure to mention them in the same context as the job description to really stand out.


3. Bullet points are your best friend

It’s not just the content of your resume that’s important when applying for a job; it’s the look of it, too. If your resume is stuffed with dense paragraphs, a recruiter may not have the time and patience to muddle through to see if you’re a good match vacancy. Therefore, in order to impress a potential employer and increase your chances of an interview, you need to include bullet points. It's all about the formatting!

Bullet points break your resume down into digestible sections, making it easier for employers to identify key abilities. In your employment history section, feel free to include a summary sentence to explain each position, but your skills, responsibilities and achievements should be bulleted. The same goes for your education section, honors and achievements, and hobbies and interests sections.


4. Showcase what you have achieved

When bullet pointing your abilities, don’t just list your duties and the skills you’ve developed; showcase your results and achievements, too. Don’t just tell the employer you’re a motivated person, tell them why.

Ways to showcase your achievements include referencing specifics in your performance, targets you’ve met or exceeded, and perhaps sales you’ve made or contributed to. And don’t forget to include specific numbers where possible. Therefore, by adding some explanation and proof to the qualifications and competencies you’ve listed, your claims become much more credible.


5. Make it flawless

In order to seriously impress a potential employer, you need to ensure your resume is flawless: Kardashian style. Not only does this mean that your resume must look the part, but it must read as a polished piece, and you must be confident that you’ve completed it to the best of your ability and be proud to submit it.

So, in order to ensure your resume is flawless, use a clean font, such as Calibri or Ariel, and ensure it has clearly divided sections and bold headings throughout. Also, ensure that you proofread it at least three times over. Top tip: read your resume aloud; you’ll be able to spot errors your eyes may have missed.

With these five tricks, you’ll be sure to create an outstanding resume guaranteed to impress any employer. Above anything, remember to highlight your relevant skills and achievements, and you’re onto a winner. You've got this!


About the author: Laura Slingo is Digital Copywriter for the fastest-growing US job board, Resume Library. For more expert advice on job searches, careers, and the workplace, visit their Career Advice pages.