A Conversation with Poet and One-Woman Movement Melissa Tripp

Melissa Tripp is a Boston-based author, poet, entrepreneur and one-woman movement. Her work explores and expresses themes of love, vulnerability, empowerment, simplicity, personal narrative and hypothetical selves. Melissa's words empower. They inspire. They intrigue. They heal. I'm so excited to be introducing you to her work. A few of my favourites include:

"you owe yourself: more care. more dialogue. more solitude. more reflection. more honesty. more room to be human. more healing. more love."

"don't waste your beautiful mind doing ugly things."

"today, commit to nurturing the most important relationship you'll ever have: you. enjoy your own company and explore your magic."

Here, we discuss how to make money from your words (without losing your integrity), finding the courage to share your voice and more.

I'm curious about your writing journey so far. Where did it all begin for you and how has your relationship with writing changed over time?

Think about the vulnerability it takes to love someone. It's not something you can forge in an instant, it happens over time. Writing, for me, has been relatively the same thing. The same investment, the same empowerment, the same discomfort. Gradually, then all at once. I think sometimes people have these preconceived notions about the life of a writer that are pure fantasy realm.

My personal journey as a writer, articulating my heart with no armor, is constantly shifting and shaping things in me. Things aren't always in perfect sync. Words don't automate closure and healing. But, they've made it easier for me to navigate the things I have yet to understand. The things I have yet to make peace with. 
  Your words are so moving -- simple yet so powerful. What is inspiration for you? Is it a particular book, a place, a mindset?

It's not something I can pinpoint. Inspiration is this beautifully strange, complex, fragile thing that feels like travel. Inspiration is movement. Fleeting, mostly— there are no literal translations. Inspiration finds me in the brief moments, in the prolonged moments, in the moments I wish would stand still. Higher frequencies, secret structures, multidimensional escapes.

Sometimes i think we complicate inspiration trying to dissect it and confine it to one room. I'm learning to just let it be magic and mystery. 


Where did you first start sharing your words with the world, and how has the process of building an audience been for you?

I was still in the writing closet when I first started sharing my words on Twitter. There was this naked element of my work that hadn't been introduced to the world yet. Naturally, I was afraid of the emotional risk involved in having someone respond negatively to something so delicate and sacred to me. That courage only began to form about three years ago. A devout recluse, I never intended to accumulate such a generous reader base. The outpouring of love and commonality still overwhelms me. 

Congratulations on both your book, Root, and your online store! I'm interested about your thoughts on the commercialisation of creativity. How does that feel for you, and what are your hopes for both this year and beyond? 

A very sincere thanks. As someone anchored in writing for a living, there is such a thing as building a profitable business without compromising your authenticity as both a creative and an individual. When your intentions are pure and rooted in love, the upkeep accomplishes itself. These are the kinds of personal and professional landscapes I hope to preserve and inspire moving forward. 

Lastly, for anyone reading this who loves to write but worries their voice isn't worth listening to, what would you tell them?

To grasp the freedom in knowing that no one is more qualified to tell your truths than you are— your story matters.

Write for you. you'll find your voice through these new heights of honesty and when you do, don't lose it for anything.

For anyone. Only once you find the courage to paint this transparent picture can you give it a platform. 


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