22 Internet Writing Tips That Work

Specifically *internet* writing tips to improve your blog posts, emails & more.

  1. Remove “that” when you don’t 100% need it. Overuse of “that” is the enemy.
  2. Same goes for “very” and “so”. Your words should be hyperbolic by themselves. 
  3. Edit yourself brutally.
  4. Make sure every word is adding something new.
  5. If you’re able to cut out a word and have the sentence still make sense, cut it out.
  6. Look to trashy tabloids for tips on how to write a great headline. I’m serious.
  7. Alliteration is for amateurs. 
  8. Switch up your sentence length. Some sentences deserve to be long and descriptive - like this one! And others? Punchy and to the point. Rhythm can take a piece of writing from mundane to melodic. 
  9. Your opening sentence needs to be short. 
  10. The catchy phrase or sentence you adore is usually the one that has to go first. I’m sorry.
  11. “In my opinion”, “I think”, blah blah blah. Get to the point.
  12. Simplify your words. If you can’t explain it to a 4th grader, you’re doing it wrong. (The Hemingway app can help).
  13. There’s a lot of content on the internet. Keep it concise.
  14. Write how you speak. If you wouldn’t say it in conversation, don’t put it down on paper.
  15. Read your work aloud. Anything you stumble on must go.
  16. Collect everything first. Every incomplete idea, thought, sentence. Then edit, edit, edit. 
  17. Never use a long word when a short one will do.
  18. Save the semicolons for academic essays. 
  19. Only publish things you’d actually enjoy reading. From start to finish.
  20. Minimise your number of exclamation marks. Your words alone should do the exclaiming.
  21. Make every syllable matter.
  22. Just write.

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