5 Inspiring Books I Read & Loved in January

Nasty Galaxy -- Sophia Amoroso

Ok, so this isn’t technically a traditional reading book, BUT if you’re a fan of coffee table books (who isn’t?), Nasty Galaxy deserves a place in your collection. It’s a piece of art in itself, filled with inspiring interviews, essays, quotes, and amazing photography. Since buying it, I’ve flicked through it on the regular and instantly felt motivated and excited to curate my life. 

Keep the Aspidistra Flying -- George Orwell

It’s the age-old debate: a corporate life with money or a creative life with none. Although this book is set in wartime, it’s insanely relatable. In synopsis: Gordon Comstock gives up his good job in advertising to work part-time in a bookstore, giving him more time to pursue his real dream: writing. But he slides into a self-induced poverty that, in turn, destroys his creativity and spirit. I won’t give any spoilers away, but this book is thought-provoking, and challenges many of the existential crises that apply to millennial life today. 

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In the Company of Women -- Grace Bonney

I absolutely adore this book. I feel happier just having it in my home. Seriously. It’s that good. Profiling over 100 influential and creative women from all ages, races, backgrounds and industries, In The Company of Women is filled with the BEST actionable advice for anyone dreaming of forging their own path. 

Scratch: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living -- Manjula Martin

In Scratch: Writers, Money and The Art of Making A Living, Manjula Martin has gathered interviews and essays from today's most prominent and promising writers, from Nick Hornby and Jonathan Franzen, to Cheryl Strayed and Roxane Gay, to confront the age-old question: How do creative people make money? The result is an entertaining and inspiring collection filled with candid, revealing discussions about money, book deals, freelancing and everything in between. It's an essential resource that will help any reader or writer understand how to make art in a world that runs on money--and why it matters. 

Swing Time -- Zadie Smith

Zadie Smith needs no introduction and Swing Time, a story of friendship, music and true identity, should be on everyone’s reading list. Deeply human and filled with emotion, it tells the coming of age story of two black girls from London and the different paths their lives take. It’s brilliant, basically. If you’re looking for some escapism, I can’t recommend it enough.

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