5 Productivity Tips That Will Actually Make You Happy

Because your productivity has nothing to do with your value as a human.


I've always been fascinated by productivity. Who doesn't want to get more done in less time?

But, with the Internet screaming at you about hustling and getting sh*t done, I'll be the first to admit that the ~pressure~ to be productive can be overwhelming at times. That's why I've been trying to take a more holistic approach to productivity and guess what? It works!

Here are five productivity tips that will help get you get things done *and* feel happy in the process. Because being frustrated behind a screen is so 2016.


Send one email a day to someone new

I’m all about this rule. One email a day sounds totally achievable, right? Right! Because it absolutely is. The idea is simple: reaching out to people creates contacts and contacts create opportunities. I’m also a firm believer in the law of attraction — the energy you put out there manifests itself. So start having some fun in your inbox — just one email a day pays dividends.

Create a 'done' list

There's a time and a place for to-do lists, sure. But allow me to introduce you to a done list. The concept is simple: every time you do something -- anything -- useful, add it to your done list. Each addition will give you a little endorphin hit and, once you finish up for the day, you'll be able to see everything you've done, rather than everything you haven't. It's pretty impossible to feel unproductive when all of your hard work is staring back at you. Positivity, found.

Stop complaining about time

"I wish I had more time!" "I'm way too busy" "I don't have time for that". Sound familiar? I thought so. Your relationship with time is like any other -- you need to work on it. Challenge yourself to a whole day without once complaining about time -- mentally or verbally. You'll be amazed at the results. When you stop fretting over time, it starts working in your favour. Reminder: Time is on your side.

Go offline after 25 minutes

I never spend more than 25 minutes online at any given time. Even if I’m just chilling at home, my morning will be 25 minutes on the Internet, 25 minutes reading or moving my body, repeat. Why? Well, because my best ideas appear while I’m AWAY from the screen. Plus, it's better to be itching to get back to my blog than sat in front of a blank page. Consider it a creative take on the Pomodoro Technique that actually works. Take my word for it.

Compile a productivity playlist and sing it. Loud.

If I told you that the La La Land Soundtrack has brought both courage and creativity into my life, would you believe me? If you mentally associate certain songs with getting sh*t done, you'll be surprised by how music can make you more productive. Pick a few of your favourite songs (the louder and more energetic the better), work to them religiously and, after a few days, enjoy the mental stimulus that follows. Singing in public spaces optional.


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