7 Apps to Help You Blog Smarter, Not Harder

Running a successful blog, with a day job and social life in tow, can be hard. But you know what helps? Apps.

Here, I've rounded up the apps that have made my blogging life faster, smarter and easier to manage. From apps that help you practice self-care on the go, to blog traffic-building apps you can utilise in seconds, I've got you covered.


Hemingway, this free and amazing desktop writing app, is my go-to place before hitting publish on any blog post. Consider it a free proofreader and sense checker. Simply copy and paste your blog post here, and it’ll point out any uses of the passive voice, hard-to-read sentences and a score on how readable your text is. FYI, I usually aim for a score of ‘6th grade or below’.


For those who haven’t heard of Planoly before, prepare to have your life changed. (And I don’t use that phrase lightly!). This amazing app allows you to schedule Instagram posts. But the best part? It allows you to preview, yes, PREVIEW, your Instagram grid before you post. It’s basically the answer to your Instagram prayers. Oh, and their blog is one of the best places on the Internet.


My most recent discovery is StumbleUpon. I'd been on the desktop version before, but the app is a new favourite of mine. Why? Well, it's an excellent way to keep up with the most popular blog content in every industry (fashion, travel, lifestyle, personal development... it's all there and more). But that's not all... From your phone, you can submit your own content and get it in front of dozens of new readers in minutes! Try it. It may just be blogging's best kept secret.


Self-care is key to success. Fact. But, like most people, I'm pretty time-poor. That's why I'm a huge fan of Glowvita. The concept is simple, but genius: Glowvita connects you with beauty, health and wellness freelancers across London. In just a few taps, you can arrange a treatment directly in your home, office or any place of your choice. Yay! It’s wellness on-demand without having to travel miles or pay a fortune. Plus, you can book one-off fitness appointments on Glowvita without having to commit to a gym membership. The result? Your best self with minimal effort.


While on-point blog images are undoubtedly important, I don’t always have time to sit on my laptop creating them. For when I want Instagram-worthy visuals in minutes, I turn to Canva. You can create everything from Instagram quotes to Pinterest images and more. It’s a fast, free and easy-to-use alternative to Photoshop and I don’t know where my blog would be without it.


It may sound obvious, but having the Wordpress (or Blogger!) app on your phone is a serious timesaver. I mainly use mine to reply to comments on the go, but you can also check stats, update content and even upload posts from scratch. Perfect for those bursts of inspiration on a train, plane and beyond.


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