My Writing Rituals


When it comes to writing, I don't believe in rules. I do, however, have a few rituals. 

  • Hair up, glasses and comfortable clothes on.
  • Listening to my favourite poem, America by Allen Ginsberg.
  • Relaxing music in languages I can't understand.
  • iPhone notes, often and everywhere, filled with undefined, unformed thoughts.
  • Watching YouTube videos of people with great vocabularies, like Christopher Hitchens. I mean, that voice.
  • Reading essays that evoke a sophisticated simplicity. Nora Ephron and Lena Dunham in particular.
  • Reading anything that leaves me craving to share my own stories.
  • Having a house full of food. And by food I mean good food. Chocolate. Popcorn. The works.
  • Writing down every messy thought, feeling and idea all at once.
  • Then stepping away, sleeping on it and editing with a fresh pair of eyes.
  • Generally speaking, 10% is writing. 90% is editing.
  • Keeping an ongoing Google doc of quotes and ideas I might want to explore.
  • But never feeling any pressure to explore them.
  • Only writing when I absolutely feel like it.
  • Knowing there really are no rules.
  • This, this, this:

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