How I Make Money as a Freelance Writer


When it comes to freelancing, these websites have been my saving grace. My side income pays the bills, leaving my salary for rent and, most importantly, my savings account. Here's how I make money from bed, bath and beyond.

People Per Hour

PPH was a key player when I was kickstarting my freelance career. Since 2012, I've done everything from copywriting for large fashion wholesalers to curating Facebook campaigns for lifestyle brands. And these are repeat clients, FYI. They've boosted my CV and my bank balance. You're more likely to find start-ups than established companies here, but it's a great way to get your foot in the proverbial freelance door.


So many prospects, so little time? 3Desk removes application fatigue by connecting your LinkedIn profile directly to their website. Hit apply, et voila! Covering a range of different sectors, the focus is on local-based work, but there are also plenty of jobs you can take advantage of from the comfort of your own home (or bed, let's be real). Day rates can be up to £400. (Yes, you read that correctly.) They're also based in the UK, which means that conversion rates and fees work in your favour.


Whether you're a student who's just starting out, or a twenty-something in need of a cash influx, Elance has got you covered. Boasting clients such as Pinterest, Microsoft and even Disney, no matter what your speciality, you're bound to find something relevant to you. With over a million businesses on here, what are you waiting for?

Content Cloud

Content Cloud is a new, but exciting platform. Their business model focuses on better paid projects than your average bidding site. Plus, it's fast becoming a useful networking tool and is totally free of charge for all freelancers. Subscribe to their email alerts and discover the jobs that could accept you. If I had to pick my one to watch, this would be it.


PSA: Contently is the destination for credible freelance journalism opportunities. Within their "Writer's Network" you can pitch for exclusive work for websites such as Forbes, The Atlantic and Buzzfeed. Similarly to 3Desk, Contently's automatic system takes the hard work out of creating a profile. They've even got the community thing down with helpful tips and tricks.

UAL Creative Opportunities

If you're just starting out, University of the Arts London's Creative Opportunities website is a useful resource. Granted, you're probably not going to pay the rent with their postings alone, but, for rookies, the freelance section is well worth a browse.


For those whose forte lies in content, Quill is an agency that offers you the opportunity to pick and choose the projects you wish to work on. Think big clients, big opportunities. The great thing about their system is that you don't have to pitch - the work comes to you. Simply apply, get accepted and they'll contact you about upcoming projects. Clients I've worked with through Quill include, Zesty and Engel & Volkers. Want to expand your portfolio? There's no better way.

TipWhile there may be no 'get rich quick’ schemes (sadly), these are legitimate websites that can help you supplement your income and expand your portfolio.

But always factor in the following: Is the money really worth your time? Is the client someone you'd be proud to put in your portfolio or LinkedIn profile? If so, go. And good luck!